1.                  Queen Contestants must be age 17-23.

2.                  Princess Contestants must be ages 11-16 years old.

3.         Little Miss Contestants must be 10 years old or younger.

3.                  Contestants must be single, never have been married, and have no children.

4.                  Contestants shall waiver liability.

5.                  Contestants must agree to abide by pageant rules with the possibility of disqualification for infractions.

6.                  When a contestant becomes Miss, Princess or Little Miss she must be available to fulfill all the required duties of her reign.




1.                  Contestants must conduct themselves in a proper lady-like manner and portray high moral standards.

2.                  Each contestant is required to submit a $75.00 non-refundable entry fee.

3.                  Contestants must sign a waiver agreement and release of liability forms, complete and submit the application by August 26, 2013.

4.                  Contestants must provide their own horse for the riding portion of the contest. Miss contestants may be asked to switch mounts for an additional flag and queen's run.

5.                  Contestants must provide their own wardrobe and follow guidelines on the wardrobe.

6.                  Contestants must email (preferred) or mail FOUR different photos described below to be used for photogenic judging and Pageant media. Photogenic pictures will be judged online before the pageant.  Please email good quality photos or send 4x6 or larger photos to be scanned.

  1. Head and shoulder with hat and western attire. (color)
  2. Close up with contestant and favorite horse/horses. (color)
  3. Head and shoulder with hat and western attire. (black & white,  a color photo can be converted)
  4. Pose of your choice in non-western attire (no hat) that showcases your personality or a hobby.

7.                  Ticket sales will account for up to 50 points of the possible score.  Each contestant is required to sell $250 worth of rodeo and/or drawing tickets to receive full points. Little Miss Contestants will only be required to sell $200 worth of tickets. If there is more than one contestant from the same family, the youngest contestant will be required to sell $100 less than the required amount to receive full pageant points.  There will be a prize for each contestant selling over $700 in tickets and for the contestant who sells the most tickets. Contestants selling more than their required amount of tickets will also be eligible to receive money back to help pay some of their expenses. To receive money back each contestant from a family must raise the full required amount, not the family discounted amount. (See Ticket Selling Tips)

8.                  Contestants must realize that if they sell no tickets they are forfeiting 50 points.

9.                  All unsold tickets and all proceeds from ticket sales must be turned in no later than October 4, 2013 at contestant check-in at the hotel.  Contestants are responsible for all tickets and the proceeds from those that are assigned to them. Please have your drawing tickets filled out before checking in and turning in your ticket money. (Use contestant money sheet to keep track)

10.              All contestants must be checked in between 1:00 - 2:00 pm Friday afternoon for orientation. (Horse check-in at the arena is from Noon - 1pm)

11.              Contestants will draw for positions after everyone has checked in, or contestants will compete in alphabetical order, judges will decide.

12.              Contestants will ride in the Friday night and Saturday night Grand Entry.  Reigning royalty will carry flags during the Rodeo performance.  Rodeo attire of jeans and shirt is the choice of the contestant.

13.              Modeling attire will be dressy western consisting of a western dress or blouse/skirt outfit. The same dress outfit will be worn for speech. Interview will be on Friday in the jean outfit you wear to check-in.

14.              Horsemanship will include rail work and a horsemanship pattern. The horsemanship patterns are posted on the Website.  Each girl must provide her own horse. One girl to a horse.  Tack used during competition should be sufficient to control the horse.  Split reins are preferred but optional.  If a tie-down is necessary, use it.  Spurs are not allowed.

15.              Immediately following the horsemanship patterns, the contestant will make a queen’s run and a flag run. Miss contestants may be asked to switch horses for an additional flag and queen's run.

16.              Miss CPRA, CPRA Princess, and Little Miss CPRA will be crowned at the Saturday night Rodeo performance.

17.              All prizes awarded are property of the recipient with exception of the traveling crowns and traveling chaps.  These will be passed on to the new royalty at the end of your reign and are property of the CPRA Pageant.  Buckles and other prizes will be forfeited to the CPRA if at anytime the reigning queen cannot fulfill her duties.

18.              CPRA Royalty must sign a contract agreeing to represent the Association in a business-like manner. Contract signing will take place Sunday before the rodeo.

19.              CPRA Royalty appearances during 2013-2014 are to be contracted between the CPRA Royalty, her parents (if a minor), and the Rodeo Committees. A committee member will also be in charge of scheduling to ensure Royalty has contact with the committees.

20.              All decisions of the judges are final.  A sample score sheet will be posted on the internet.  Individual scores may be requested after the pageant. 

21.              Rudeness toward the judges, other contestants, and/or pageant coordinators by contestants or contestants’ parents will not be tolerated!

22.              Be sure to read all of the rules and regulations and be sure that you understand everything.  If you do not understand, call and ask.

23.       Royalty will be expected to help plan, obtain sponsorships and prizes, and help organize and host the following year's pageant.

24.       Royalty are required to attend a minimum of 5 CPRA sanctioned rodeos during the year and attend Denver Market in January as a group.

25.       The Central Plains Rodeo Association expects each contestant to display the highest degree of sportsmanship during the pageant and following coronation.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by contestants or parents will not be tolerated.  It could result in the contestant being disqualified or banned from future competition.





Contestants will be scored in the following categories: Horsemanship, Speech, Modeling, Ticket Sales, Interview, Congeniality, Photogenic, Impromptu, Written Test and Punctuality. To view the scoring breakdown see Judges Score Sheets on the website.

Punctuality was a new category for the 2009-2010 Pageant. All contestants will start with 24 points for punctuality, points will be deducted for lateness in the following areas: submission of application and other forms, picture submission, sponsor ads submission, Friday: Horse and Orientation check-in, rodeo check-in, Saturday: Horsemanship check-in, Modeling check-in. We hope this will help the pageant run smoother and encourage punctuality! Call with questions!

Ticket Sales will count for up to 50 points of the possible score.  Each contestant that sells $700 or more in tickets will receive an additional prize, and the highest ticket seller will choose first. Updated for 2012


Judges will be aware of current dress fashions and styles.  Outfits needed for competition include one dressy outfit for modeling/speach ( long sleeve blouse and skirt or dress) and one arena outfit for horsemanship.  Rodeo attire for the performances is also needed because contestants will be introduced during the Friday and Saturday night performances.


Judging will begin from the time contestant checks in Friday until the conclusion of the pageant Saturday afternoon.


This is not a clothing and tack contest.  Neat clothes that fit properly, and neat, clean tack is what the judges will be looking for.  The amount of silver on tack will not be taken into account.


The objective of this Pageant is to find a girl who can ride well, speak to the public about rodeo and other topics, and represent herself and the Central Plains Rodeo Association in a dignified and honorable way.


This pageant is structured to be a beneficial training pageant for girls interested in competing for Miss Rodeo Kansas at the state level.  It is also our goal to welcome and encourage girls who have not competed in pageants before to an educational setting that will enhance knowledge and skills both inside and outside the rodeo arena. We reserve the right to adjust the rules prior to the application deadline if necessary to facilitate a better pageant.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call:   Amanda Guthrie  316-734-9527. You can also e-mail at amanda@cprapageant.com

Leave a message if there is no answer and I will get back to you as soon as possible.